New Art Exhibit: Seeing Beyond Our Vision

March 5, 2007 at 7:40 pm | Posted in art@iit, exhibits | Comments Off on New Art Exhibit: Seeing Beyond Our Vision

Seeing Beyond Our Vision
A new exhibit of fascinating images by photomicrographer Dee Breger is currently on display in the Kemper Room gallery at Galvin Library. Taken using an electron microscope, the photos reveal the natural beauty of an invisible world that includes seeds, bugs, feathers, blood clots, microfossils, and cosmic dust. While the images stir the imagination with their striking visual impact, they also showcase the technical achievements of electron microscopy and digital image enhancement, creating a compelling fusion of science and fine art.

“Seeing Beyond Our Vision” will be showing through April 7. The Kemper Room is located on the upper level of the library. For more on the exhibit, see art@iit.

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