PsycINFO Facelift!

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On Monday June 11, 2007, the PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES databases will transfer from ProQuest to the CSA Illumina interface. The search functionality will remain the same, with the following enhanced features that were not in the ProQuest interface:

Linked Author Searches:
You can click on an author’s name in CSA Illumina and it will retrieve all articles written by that author that are indexed in PsycINFO or PsycArticles.

Linked References:
You can jump to an article in the record’s reference list by clicking on the link. The reference list also includes links to every article that cites the specific reference.

Up-Front Descriptors:
Broad descriptions of the articles are highlighted in the results screen for a quick glimpse into what the article investigates. Click on one of these descriptors to retrieve all results that contain that descriptor in the record.

Publication Type Sorting
Browse all publication types or click on one of the publication type tabs in the results list to view only Peer-Reviewed Journals, Conferences, Books, and a variety of other publication types.

For more information about the CSA Illumina interface, see CSA’s Quick Reference Card (PDF).

Please contact Jannelle Ruswick, Reference Librarian for Psychology and Social Sciences, for assistance using the new interface. If you have a ProQuest account with saved searches, let Ms. Ruswick know and she will assist you in transferring your searches to CSA.

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