Get a Jump on the Fall Semester

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Start your school year out right by attending First Fridays at Galvin Library on September 5th. Librarians teach research skills on the first Friday of every month, and September’s first Friday is dedicated to getting your internet settings optimized for library research.

Admit it – there may have been times when you’ve been required to have sources or references for a paper and you used the first few articles you found and stopped. Or maybe you just used some websites as your references. This “quick and dirty” searching isn’t going to give you quality results that will impress your professors. But don’t fret! It is possible to get the best results in a convenient and efficient way and this class will show you how. We will cover the following plug-ins and customizations that give you the convenience you want and quality you need:

  • IIT Library Toolbar – A Firefox plug-in that searches the IIT library catalog directly from your browser
  • Google Scholar settings specific to IIT – these settings will connect you to the appropriate library databases for the full text of articles
  • Custom pop-up blocker settings so you don’t get lost or stuck using library resources
  • Zotero – a free citation management plugin for Firefox that makes keeping track of research and creating bibliographies a snap
  • RSS feeds and emails – make the databases do the work for you

This is the ONLY time this class will be offered this school year, so don’t miss it! So get ready…get set…get optimized!

When: Friday September 5th at 12:50pm-1:40pm
Where: In the Library Learning Center, lower level of Galvin Library

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