New Research Paper Guide for Chinese Students

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什么是论文?论文格式是什么? 参考文献怎么选?如果你写论文时遇到过以上的任何问题,或者更多地问题, 欢迎阅读“如何写论文在线指导”。这篇在线指导是学校图书馆专门为中国同学设计的论文在线指导。指导主要用来回答中国同学长久以来对写论文的一些问题,包括解释说明什么是论文, 在美国写论文与在中国写论文的要求有什么区别,写论文所需得资料,如何利用图书馆,学校的资源来更好的完成论文,以及引用,参考文献格式等等同学们需要注意的事项。



What is a research paper? What is the format of a research paper? How do I choose reference resources?

If you have ever had any of these questions you are welcome to visit the new Chinese research paper online guide. This research paper guide is specifically for Chinese students. It answers questions about research papers, including:

  • What a research paper is
  • What the differences are between research papers in China and in the US
  • What resources you need
  • How to use the library to find those resources

For this information and more (such as the formatting of quotations and making a bibliography), click this link to access our new guide.

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