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You may have noticed more and more big red ‘e’ icons in your catalog search results. That e icon means that book is an e-book. E-book results look something like this:


We have more than 20,000 e-books across a wide variety of subjects. Simply open the record for the book you want to read and click on the link next to ‘online access’:

…or click on the link in the ‘connect via http’ field:

You can read them off-campus too; just enter your IIT information when prompted.

Some frequently asked questions:

“I only want to search for e-books, how can I do that?”
After you have conducted a search in the library catalog, click on “electronic” under the format option on the right side. You could also set that option before searching using the advanced search option, and selecting electronic. Or, you could search specific e-book databases, such as Safari or Books 24×7.

“The record has a book icon and an e icon. Does this mean we have both electronic and hard copy versions?”
In general we do not have both hard copy and electronic versions of the same book. That book logo you see indicates that the item is a book, and not a DVD, journal, CD, etc. The e next to it means the book is electronic. If we have two copies, you would see that inside the record.

“When I search in I-Share, I see libraries that have e-books I want to read that IIT doesn’t have. Why can’t I read them?”
The answer to the question can be complicated. Briefly, e-books are often available as part of a larger subscription to the particular e-book’s publisher. This means they fall under the same restrictions databases fall under; only current students, staff, and faculty at that specific university can view them.

As always, if you ever have any questions you can contact the reference desk in person or from We are here to help you!

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