Fragments Art Exhibit through April 15

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In honor of Women’s History Month, an art exhibit featuring the work of Geraldine McCullough opened March 2 in Galvin Library’s Kemper Gallery. Born in Arkansas but spending her formative years in Chicago, McCullough (1917–2008) exhibited in many national galleries and won numerous awards for her paintings and sculptures. Her most notable award was the 1964 George D. Widener Memorial Gold Medal for her sculpture “Phoenix.” A commissioned life-size, bronze statue created by McCullough of Martin Luther King was installed in 1985 at the Illinois State Library in Springfield. According to the exhibit’s curator, John Martin, “McCullough’s paintings and sculptures create a combination of figurative and abstract movements,” and “her references to African ritual and spiritual iconography invite the viewer to participate in a solemn ceremony.” Martin notes that McCullough, like her art, “was a commanding presence who fused her sense of art with her sense of being.” An opening reception was held on Friday, March 11. The exhibit will run through April 15.

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Painless Psych Literature Reviews

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Painless Psych Literature Reviews
Monday, March 21st from 1:00 to 1:45 or
Tuesday, March 22nd from 1:00 to 1:45
Meets in Galvin Library’s Library Learning Center

Get some research therapy with the Psychology librarian, Jannelle Ruswick. She’ll cover the most common points of confusion and frustration psych students encounter during library research. Topics will include:

    • Outsmarting the databases – “I need information about AIDS, not the word ‘aids’.”
    • Searching two (or more) databases at once – especially important for I/O students.
    • Getting all the PDFs of articles regardless of where they are hiding – some hide really well.
    • Setting up Google Scholar so it works correctly from home – one step changes everything.

This workshop is for all levels of Psych students; even the veterans will benefit. Each day will cover the same information, so you don’t need to come to both. Your time is precious – stop wasting it with bad searches!

Let her know which day you plan on attending here.

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