New! Finding Articles Guide

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We have a new Research Guide explaining how to find articles, thanks to our International Student Library Services Liaison Yi Han. You’ll find the guide, along with tons of other helpful guides, on our Quick Tips & Tutorials page. The Finding Journals and Articles guide is, you guessed it, under the Finding Journals and Articles section. The guide contains the following information: find articles on your reading list, find articles on a topic, important search tips, getting the full text, and cool database functions.

If you’re feeling stuck or want help finding articles be sure to stop by the Research Help Office on the upper level of Galvin, or Ask the Library.

Four Ways to Get Research Help

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Abridged from our article in the IIT University Parent Connection:

If you have questions about research for a paper or other assignment you have many options:

Stop by the Research Help Office on the second floor of Galvin from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday and from 12pm to 4pm Sunday to meet with a friendly librarian. Librarians have Masters Degrees in Library and Information Science, meaning they are experts at helping students discover, evaluate and use information. The office is private so you will feel comfortable asking questions.

Undergraduate tutors
On evenings and weekends the Research Help Office is staffed with peer-tutors known as Undergraduate Research Specialists. They are highly trained and specially selected upper level undergraduate leaders at IIT. They have done many of the same assignments as you, and can help you find the sources they know professors want to see. This is an excellent option for any student who may be busy during the day or has some trepidation about talking to a librarian (even though every librarian here is wonderful!).

When it’s too cold to walk from one building to the next, you can instant message, email, or even text message us your questions. You can also search a database for questions we’ve already answered using the search box on the Ask a Librarian page. We are famous for our quick response times. Reach us online at

On your own
For the DIY student, use our online Research Guides at These guides identify which of the over 120 databases Galvin subscribes to will be the best for your topic. It provides you with search methods, evaluation tips, and much more.

College libraries have very different resources than public or school libraries. The nature of research at IIT is rigorous and unique. So remember, the library is always here to help you no matter how small or large the question is.

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