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November 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm | Posted in GetArticle@IIT, searching | 1 Comment

With only 4 more weeks of class before finals (!!) we’ve seen an increase in “how do I get the PDF of this article” questions. Picture it: you’re in a database, you see a good title but you don’t see a PDF icon. What do you do? First, don’t be sad or give up. We’ve got you covered. Second:

Any time you don’t see the PDF for an article in a database, click on isit@iit.

Recognize this? It's from Web of Science.

Can you guess the database? It's Academic Search Premier from Ebsco!

isit@iit instantly checks all of our other databases to see if and where we have the article. If we do, it provides you with a link to get to the article.  If we don’t, it provides you with a link to request it for free from MyILL (interlibrary loan).  Check out this tab of our Finding Articles guide for complete details on how to get PDFs. 

It is important to start your research as soon as you get an assignment. You may have troubles constructing a quality search, it can take several days to get some articles from MyILL, your computer crashes and you lose all your research, etc.

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1 Comment

  1. Why is the IEEEproxy link so difficult to find! I feel like I have to ask someone everytime I need to access it from a different computer where I don’t already have it book marked.

    It should be right on the top level of the databases/journals page of the library. It’s easy to get to the IEEE webpage from there but not the IEEE/IIT proxy (which is what every single student cares about, we don’t give a damn about the main IEEE page because you can’t access papers without the proxy).

    Can this be addressed?


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