Take Mango Languages Along for Spring Break

March 14, 2013 at 4:01 pm | Posted in databases | Comments Off on Take Mango Languages Along for Spring Break

mango_learn a languageGalvin Library has an online subscription to Mango Languages so it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling or staying in Chicago for spring break, you can start learning a new language at your convenience!  Simply sign up for an account through Galvin Library’s Mango subscription (select “M” on the databases page) and get started learning any of the more than 20 languages available.  You can select the “Start Learning” icon to give it a try or create a profile (same as an account) to save and return to your lessons.

Do you have a smartphone or mobile device?  After creating your account (best done on a device other than your smartphone), you can download Mango’s FREE app and then you can access your account, download your lessons to your phone or device, and you WON”T need a wireless network to use your lessons; you will already have them with you. Pretty handy when you’re traveling and on a plane or out of service range for wi-fi.

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