New Furniture Purchased from 2013 Student Gift Arrives!

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north upper level_squares, wheels, high table_2013

high table_2013

2013-09-13 GeeMix

Many of you have seen the new furniture because it’s been here for a few weeks now, but after the September 25th dedication of the 2013 Student Gift, we can officially announce that the new furniture on the upper level, purchased from funds given by the 2013 Student Gift, has arrived!

There are new square tables and chairs on wheels, new soft seats with privacy backs, a tablet arm and they’re on wheels, and there is a new high-top table with high chairs for a different type of seating option. Anything on wheels can be configured or moved to a spot of your choosing. Like to sit at the end of the shelves and look out the windows? Just move tables and chairs to suit your liking. Like to sit in the open northeast? Pull up a few chairs and a table and get comfortable.

2013-09-11 power tower1

Another purchase we made, while not technically furniture, but very useful, is what we call “power towers” and you will too! They are short, maybe just knee-high, but they allow you to plug-in multiple devices in the electrical sockets and USB ports provided. While small and seemingly mobile, the power towers should NOT be moved. However, we do plan to buy more so keep an eye out for their late fall arrival. There is also additional furniture still on order that should arrive before finals.

The staff of the Paul V. Galvin Library would like to thank the Student Gift Committee and Institutional Advancement for all their support to bring the 2013 Student Gift to Galvin Library.  Now we invite the Illinois Tech community to stop by, and move a few chairs around before finding the spot just for you!

square tables_mobile chairs_2013

gees, square tables, wheels, power tower_2013

2013-09-13 GeeFacingSouth

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