Research Help Available – Your Way!

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iStock_000000743945MediumYou’ve received a research assignment – paper or project, individual or group work, and now you are faced with a decision. Procrastinate, search Google at 2 a.m. and hand in mediocre work or use library resources, including expert researchers, and hand in a top-notch effort that dazzles the instructor.  Research help is available and you can choose your own way to using library resources.

Librarians are expert researchers who know the best sources for you to use and they are available for individual consultations to help you with any aspect of your research, from research papers to theses and dissertation research. You can find librarians in the Research Help Office (RHO) on the second floor of Galvin Library or you can make an appointment for uninterrupted time. Librarians have Masters Degrees in Library and Information Science, which means they are experts at helping students discover, evaluate and use information. Find librarian schedules in the RHO or make an appointment.

• Student Research Specialists
On evenings and weekends the RHO is staffed with peer-tutors known as Research Specialists. They are undergraduate or graduate students who are familiar with library resources, but the real benefit of meeting with research specialists is that they have done many of the same assignments as you, and know the requirements of instructors. This is an excellent option for any student who may be busy during the day and cannot meet with a librarian. Schedules for these students can also be found at by selecting the Visit the RHO option on the Ask a Librarian page.

• Online
When it’s too cold or rainy to walk from one building to the next, you can instant message, email, or even text message the library with your questions.  We are famous for our quick response times. You can reach us online and its your choice of text, IM, email or phone.

• On your own
Of course, IIT students are known for their independent critical thinking skills, so if you’re the DIY type, you should use our online Research Guides. Galvin Library has more than 100 subscription databases and these guides identify which of the databases will be the best for your topic.  The guides will provide you with search methods, evaluation tips, and much more because they were created by our librarians. So you get the expert advice, but don’t have to come to the library. The guides are perfect when you want to do that 2:00 AM Google search.

Galvin Library is here to help you with your research, and can assist with your academic and professional goals!

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