Doing Research on Companies and Industries (for a grade or a job!)

November 12, 2013 at 8:07 pm | Posted in news | Comments Off on Doing Research on Companies and Industries (for a grade or a job!)

Company   Industry Research - Business   Economics - Research Guides at Illinois Institute of TechnologyDoing research on companies can be a daunting task. Are they publicly traded with lots of stock and investor information available or are they privately held with little or no information out there to find? Is the industry research, with market reports and forecasting trends easily accessible or is the industry a great big secret? Starting with Google when doing company and industry research will result in tens of thousands of commercial sites and bad results, so where do YOU find what you need?

Galvin Library subscribes to many databases that contain information ranging from market reports to SWOT* analyses, from forecasting surveys to industry reports. Librarians have created a research guide  to assist your search and let you get started on your own to find the online resources you need. This guide will take you deeper than a Google or Bing search by sharing tips for searching in the library’s subscription databases, databases which contain information NOT freely available on the web, but available to you as a current student. Still not finding what you need and not sure if we have it? Ask a librarian and get pointed in the right direction to the database you need.

Getting ready to graduate and worrying more about a job than that last research project? Use the company and industry research guide to find out the information that will set you apart from the other job seekers in the room. Arm yourself with knowledge about the industry, profits/losses, competitors and more about the company you interview with. The purpose of the guide is to help you quickly and easily find company and industry information so that you can have a purposeful conversation when interviewing. 

Like what you see on the company and industry research guide? Use all our guides created for majors, specific courses, and other topics such as citation management, IIT’s digital repository, and many more.

*SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

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