Soon-To-Be-Famous Illinois Author Project – Update Round 2

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Case of the Royal Leper

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Briley, Galvin Library’s nominee in the Soon-To-Be-Famous Illinois Author Project for making it into Round 2 and on the shortlist of possible winners!   Next steps are that 3 finalists will be named and contacted the week of March 3rd, then the winner will be announced at a reception on April 16th. The winners will be chosen in part by a panel of volunteers so we can influence the ballot box. Nevertheless, keep your fingers crossed for Dr. Briley to be the first Soon-To-Be-Famous Author in Illinois!

Original post 11/11/2013:
Dr. Bruce Briley has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in academia as well as the business world. In addition to being an adjunct professor in IIT’s Armour College of Engineering for more than 25 years, and the first recipient of the Alva C. Todd Professorship, he’s worked for companies such as Western Electric, International Harvester Research, Bell Labs and Motorola. He holds twenty-one U.S. patents, has introduced eight new courses at IIT, and he writes Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Wait. What?

When not teaching students about fiber optics, Dr. Briley spends some of his free time researching and writing Sherlock Holmes mysteries. After writing two nonfiction books he was inspired to try his hand at fiction after “a visit to London some time ago, where I viewed some of Sherlock’s old haunts still faithful to the era. That, combined with a life-long admiration for Conan-Doyle’s writing, caused a plot to crystallize.”

The result was The Case of the Lost Folio, the first book in Briley’s Forbidden Adventures series. Three other books followed: The Case of the Sow’s EarThe Case of the Royal Leper and The Case of the Vatican Murder. When asked how many books he plans to write for the series he replied “At present, I’ve set a goal of a baker’s dozen.” Moving him closer to that goal is the yet unpublished The Case of Something Rotten in Denmark. A single book takes six months or more to create. Explains Dr. Briley: “For Holmes books, to approach realism, it’s necessary to research history and settings as the world was some 130 years or so ago, and that is time-consuming, especially if Sherlock decides to do a lot of traveling. Usually, I sit down in front of a keyboard in the evening for an hour or so before retiring. Sometimes I outline, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I put pen to paper instead. It depends.”

However he does it, Dr. Briley certainly has been busy! His latest projects include a non-Sherlock Homes book, a play and “research on an electromagnetic solution to the Emerald Ash Borer beetle problem, which has potential for solving problems with other Arthropods: the Southern Pine Beetle, The Mountain Pine Beetle, the Longhorn Beetle, etc., that are ravaging forests in the US and elsewhere.”

Galvin Library is working with Dr. Briley to submit his latest title to the Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project which is seeking to find a self-published Illinois author with an adult fiction book that all of the libraries in Illinois can help to make “famous.” Dr. Briley’s Forbidden Adventures series is currently published in electronic form only and can be purchased through Amazon.

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