New Vending Options – What Do You want in the Machines?

April 2, 2014 at 9:04 pm | Posted in news | 1 Comment

We have been working on changing the offerings in the vending machines at Galvin Library. Our Student Advisory Board commented that they wanted to see a healthy variety in the refrigerated machine, with more sandwiches, hummus, yogurt, and veggies with dip. We listened! Now you can find all these things in there, including sandwiches with whole wheat and rye bread, hard-boiled eggs, and soup. And because we heard that students need hot water, we installed a hot water dispenser and put it right next to the coffee machine. The ramen noodle cups in the vending machines are not to be used in the microwave; now you can just mix in some fresh hot water and you’re ready to eat!

Our next step is updating the snack machine. We could really use more chocolate, and healthier snacks like trail mix, whole grain crackers, and pretzels. But what we could really use is more input! What would you like to see in any of our vending machines? What is in there now that you would never buy? Please tell us your thoughts! We want to make your experience at Galvin Library a good one.

1 Comment

  1. Please also add some veggi items. We also want a veggi sandwich , soup, or burger, rolls, etc


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