Research Help Available – Your Way!

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iStock_000000743945MediumYou’ve received a research assignment – paper or project, individual or group work, and now you are faced with a decision. Procrastinate, search Google at 2 a.m. and hand in mediocre work or use library resources, including expert researchers, and hand in a top-notch effort that dazzles the instructor.  Research help is available and you can choose your own way to using library resources.

Librarians are expert researchers who know the best sources for you to use and they are available for individual consultations to help you with any aspect of your research, from research papers to theses and dissertation research. You can find librarians in the Research Help Office (RHO) on the second floor of Galvin Library or you can make an appointment for uninterrupted time. Librarians have Masters Degrees in Library and Information Science, which means they are experts at helping students discover, evaluate and use information. Find librarian schedules in the RHO or make an appointment.

• Student Research Specialists
On evenings and weekends the RHO is staffed with peer-tutors known as Research Specialists. They are undergraduate or graduate students who are familiar with library resources, but the real benefit of meeting with research specialists is that they have done many of the same assignments as you, and know the requirements of instructors. This is an excellent option for any student who may be busy during the day and cannot meet with a librarian. Schedules for these students can also be found at by selecting the Visit the RHO option on the Ask a Librarian page.

• Online
When it’s too cold or rainy to walk from one building to the next, you can instant message, email, or even text message the library with your questions.  We are famous for our quick response times. You can reach us online and its your choice of text, IM, email or phone.

• On your own
Of course, IIT students are known for their independent critical thinking skills, so if you’re the DIY type, you should use our online Research Guides. Galvin Library has more than 100 subscription databases and these guides identify which of the databases will be the best for your topic.  The guides will provide you with search methods, evaluation tips, and much more because they were created by our librarians. So you get the expert advice, but don’t have to come to the library. The guides are perfect when you want to do that 2:00 AM Google search.

Galvin Library is here to help you with your research, and can assist with your academic and professional goals!

IPRO 309: Research IIT

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The majority of university students have inadequate research habits and fail to take advantage of the online academic articles, journals, and published work the university libraries provide. This is where IPRO 309 comes in. We are a team of students working to make the library’s resources more accessible and easier to use. We have made a significant amount of progress in understanding the problems and the needs of our users. Next semester we plan on implementing this information to further develop our iPad application.

Stop by this Friday (4/20) to see us present our progress and future plans in the Hermann Lounge from 10:00am-10:30am or stop by our booth between 10:45am-3:00pm.

Women’s History Month

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Take time this month to explore women’s history with the Diversity & Inclusion research guide at Galvin Library. This guide was developed by librarians, in consultation with IIT’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion, to help you find relevant information on a variety of topics related to America’s cultural diversity. You can explore library resources on topics related to women’s like suffrage, equal pay, and reproductive rights.

Were Your Fave Web Sites Dark on January 18th? Read More about SOPA/PIPA

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Why are you encountering black screens in place of web sites that normally provide you with information? January 18th has been chosen as a protest day to raise awareness about two bills presently making their way through the US Congress: the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House of Representatives (H.R. 3261) and the Protect IP Act in the Senate (S.968).

By all appearances the bills, SOPA and PIPA, look like they will be used to curb piracy online, but in reality many sites that feature user-generated content like Reddit, Wikipedia and others may not be able to continue business as usual if this bill passes. You can read more about the protest and the bills here.

The Chicago Tribune has a story about Wikipedia’s choice to go dark and if you would like to see some of the sites that are going dark in solidarity with the protest, including Google, reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, O’Reilly Media, and more, read the list here. 

One site protesting that the Illinois academic library community would draw attention to is the Internet Archive. Located at, the Internet Archive contains all of the items that have been digitized through the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) Book Digitization Initiative, including items from IIT. Those items will be unavailable for at least 12 hours on January 18, and visitors will be redirected to a basic announcement. For more information, visit the Internet Archive blog.

New Sustainability Research Guide

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It’s impossible to miss how many amazing sustainability activities are happening around campus.  There’s the Green @ IIT Awards, sustainability forums, sustainable design contests, WISER…the list keeps growing every day.  Galvin Library has a new sustainability research guide to help you with your sustainability research.  At you will find article databases, IIT research links, and government resources that all focus on sustainability.   Topics you’ll see there include: wind power, green buildings, alternatives fuels, urban sustainability, water, and electric power.   Contact Senior Engineering Librarian Charles Uth or ask a librarian for more help finding information about sustainability.

IIT Library Links in Google Scholar

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We’re pleased to now offer links to IIT library services from within Google Scholar, the popular academic search engine. When doing a search in Google Scholar, users on the IIT main campus will automatically see links like the ones below in the search results. Off-campus users can also get the links by setting up IIT Library Links in the Scholar Preferences section of Google Scholar. (Click here for instructions on setting up Library Links).

IIT Library Links in Google Scholar

If full-text access is available to a journal article in your search results through IIT, you’ll see the GetArticle@IIT link. Follow this link to the GetArticle menu, which will show you options for getting the full text of the article.

If online full-text is not available, use the More options @ IIT link to see if the journal is held in print at the library, to get the article via interlibrary loan, or to see if an abstract or table of contents is available electronically.

At the moment, IIT Library Links are available for journal articles only, not for books. To check if IIT has a book you’ve found in Google Scholar, use the IIT Library Catalog.

Disclaimer: Users should note that Google Scholar is still in “beta,” or test mode, and that not all academic publishers allow Google full access to their content. Therefore Galvin Library cannot completely guarantee the accuracy and functionality of Google Scholar Library Links, nor is it our opinion that a search in Google Scholar is a viable replacement for a search using library-provided bibliographic databases and indexes, many of which also do not allow Google Scholar to access their content. If you experience problems getting the full text of an article via the GetArticle@IIT link, use Articles by Citation form on our web site to see if full-text access is available.

Search the IIT Library Catalog from Facebook

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Galvin Library has created an application that allows you to connect to library resources directly from your Facebook profile. Here’s what it looks like in your profile:

IIT Library Catalog search

Use the IIT Library Catalog Search application to:

  • Search the IIT Library Catalog: find books, e-books, videos, and journals
  • Log in to your IIT/I-Share library account: renew books, check the status of your requests
  • Connect to the library’s Ask a Librarian service: get research help via IM, email, or phone

The library offers many other electronic tools that make online research easier, including browser toolbars and plugins, and citation management software. Click here to see a list of more options.

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