Quick and Easy Tips for Better Google Searches

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According to an infographic on HackCollege.com, 3 out of 4 students aren’t searching Google very effectively or efficiently. Here’s a few tricks to help you weed out irrelevant results and save time:

Get more great ideas by viewing the full infographic here. Notice at the bottom how it says “Use Your Library’s Website?” We couldn’t agree more!

Getting the PDFs of Articles

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With only 4 more weeks of class before finals (!!) we’ve seen an increase in “how do I get the PDF of this article” questions. Picture it: you’re in a database, you see a good title but you don’t see a PDF icon. What do you do? First, don’t be sad or give up. We’ve got you covered. Second:

Any time you don’t see the PDF for an article in a database, click on isit@iit.

Recognize this? It's from Web of Science.

Can you guess the database? It's Academic Search Premier from Ebsco!

isit@iit instantly checks all of our other databases to see if and where we have the article. If we do, it provides you with a link to get to the article.  If we don’t, it provides you with a link to request it for free from MyILL (interlibrary loan).  Check out this tab of our Finding Articles guide for complete details on how to get PDFs. 

It is important to start your research as soon as you get an assignment. You may have troubles constructing a quality search, it can take several days to get some articles from MyILL, your computer crashes and you lose all your research, etc.

Questions? Use Ask a Librarian to IM us, email us, search questions already asked and see which librarians and Undergraduate Research Specialists are working today.

Research Guides for Every Subject

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Feeling lost in a sea of information? Have to find articles but have no idea which databases to look in? Want to quickly find out what the library has in your discipline? Check out Galvin Library’s new and improved Research Guides to answer these questions. Every major subject area has its own guide that shows you which databases are best and how to best search them, provides tips for researching, contains lists of free quality websites, and much more.

click image to view full size

Research Guides give you the freedom to learn how to research on your own at a time and place that is convenient for you. The content found on each guide was selected by librarians that are research experts, so you can have confidence that the information provided is of the highest quality.

Use the search box to do a keyword search for your topic. For example, entering “company information” will bring back a list of every guide that has that phrase somewhere in it:

click image to view full size

The first few results:

click image to view full size

The Business & Economics guide that has a Company & Industry Research section:

click image to view full size

Guides with a plus sign next to them can be expanded into sub-topics. Computer Science is an example:

click image to view full size

We are adding new research guides all the time, so check back regularly! Visit the Ask a Librarian page if you have any questions.

IIT Library Links in Scirus Search Engine

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You can now get links to IIT Library services from within Scirus, the scientific-information internet search engine. Scirus is different from other search engines in that it focuses only on Web pages and sites containing scientific content, such as preprint servers, digital archives, repositories and patent and journal databases.

To set up IIT Library Partner Links, click on the “Search Preferences” link on the Scirus home page. Click “Enable” under the “Library Partner Links” section, then select “Illinois Institute of Technology – Galvin Library” from the drop-down list under “I”. (See the screenshot below).

Scirus Library Partner Links setup

When you conduct your search, you’ll see IIT’s Get Article icon GetArticle @ IIT in the search results for journal articles and other scholarly literature. Follow this link to the SFX menu, which will show you options for getting the full text of the article. Most journal articles aren’t available for free online, so you need to go through the library’s links to access the full article. Also, if you’re trying to access the article from off-campus, you’ll be prompted to log in to the library proxy network.

Remember, even if the GetArticle menu says that “No full text is currently available online for this item,” you can still get a copy of the article via MyILL, the library’s new online system for requesting materials via interlibrary loan. MyILL is fast, convenient, and free to all IIT students and faculty!

To watch a brief video tutorial on how to use Scirus, click here.

Disclaimer: Users should note that Scirus is not considered a viable replacement for a search using library-provided bibliographic databases and indexes, the majority of which do not allow search engines to access their content. If you experience problems getting the full text of an article via the GetArticle link, use the Journal A-Z List or Article Finder on our web site to see if full-text access is available.

Essay: Librarians vs. Search Engines

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Thomas Mann, author of The Oxford Guide to Library Research, has a new essay posted online in which he exposes the deficiencies of using the internet for scholarly research. While a search engine can generate lists, Mann argues that it is a classification system controlled by librarians that provides the necessary guidance through deep and relevant research. While he is accepting of the web’s ability for quick and inexpensive indexing, according to Mann, librarians must continue to “promote scholarship of the highest possible quality–and that is a goal very different from striving to provide something quickly.” Read responses to Mann’s essay at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

IIT Library Catalog search plugin

November 21, 2006 at 10:02 pm | Posted in library web site, plugins, searching | Comments Off on IIT Library Catalog search plugin

Searching the library catalog for books, e-books, videos, government documents, and print journals at IIT just got a whole lot easier! We’ve created a search plugin for Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 browsers that allows you to search the catalog directly from the search box at the top right of the toolbar. The incredibly simple installation process only takes a few seconds—click here to learn more. After installing the plugin, you’ll be able to do a keyword search of our catalog from anywhere in the World Wide Web, no matter what page you’re currently viewing.

IIT Library Catalog search plugin
Get the IIT Library Catalog search plugin

Search plugins are a great way to make one of the most common web activities—searching—faster and more efficient. Plugins are available for many popular sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Dictionary.com, and now Galvin Library. Want to learn more about search plugins? Check out this page from Mozdev.org.

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